It is all about balance

Me, as an engineer should find to balance everything easily. But that’s not so true for me. Maybe if you ask my wife she could say that I like to measure everything so perfect that gets a perfect fit, perfect cut, even shares, and so on… But time…
How can you balance time when you have so many things to do that are almost always without announced? Maybe I’m being dramatic or exaggerated, but as many said “when you have children, your time will be managed by them”. I totally understand that now, in fact many of the sayings that I’ve heard my entire life about how a child changes life in all ways. I can’t say I’m not happy, because it’s totally worth it, it feels like nothing else in the world the happiness of just seeing your child smile or their eyes shine as they see you.

So I find it very difficult to leave them (my wife and daughter) off when I go to work, but hey! We need to eat, have somewhere nice and safe to sleep and dress! The best way I’ve found for working is leaving the house early before my daughter wakes up, so that way it’s not so heartbreaking for us, it always breaks my heart when I leave and she stays crying. 😥

So being in a long holiday, I’d do the same, wake up early morning and get a cup of coffee and leave to a private space so I could manage to work without being interrupted (actually I’m going to the public library) at least until midday, when hunger starts to do their best and head back home. If I need more time, then I talk to my wife and try to do whatever I need when my daughter doesn’t ask too much attention or (just as right now) when she is sleeping, and I don’t fall asleep with her off course…

So I’ll manage my time balance like that, the most important thing is to try to coordinate times so you are aware of that and then follow your plan until you reach you goal. Step by step without stopping!

Thanks again Natalie!

See you next time, for last response!
Alexander Contreras

#10DBC #freedomplan #Day9Challenge

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge


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