SuperPowers? Hmmm…?

So… Let’s have some own credit at this precise moment, and I’ll try to not be exagerated…

I’m very good at finding things on the web, it is very easy for me just to type anything i’m looking for and find something about it, and when I don’t find anything it’s almost like there’s nothing in the web about it.

I’m very good also at planning routes, since some while ago now I can go through some maps and trace routes that will benefit my goal, whether it’s getting somewhere, playing, visiting or anything. This also occurs with programs (schedules), I can organize work with roles, times and etc, in order to show and achieve the goal.

I’m also good guiding people, it might seem the same as above but I have a very strong location sight and when I know where I’m at and someone asks me “How can I get to…” I try to give the simplest directions to their destiny.

Since some time ago now, I find that learning foreign languages seems easy for me, although I haven’t improved a lot in my german, but It seems I can get that pretty easy. Off course, there are always difficult words, phrases, but I like to see them as challenges rather than difficult!

Now, reading through my last words I enjoy doing those! It seems This one helped me a bunch!

Until next challenge,
Alexander Contreras – alcon_hi

#10DBC #freedomplan #Day4Challenge

his blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4




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